This Prayer book (Front view) is for all those who are in distress, who have lost hope,
who are poor and downtrodden, who are downcast and who feel dejected,
who think that their life has lost its brightness, who are close
to death, sick in bed, or who are bound by the power of Satan and
its all forms of evil, who are addicted to bad habits, all who are
struggling in this earthly life for their survival and all who wish
to be the inheritors of the Kingdom of God, so as to inherit a new life in true GOD transformed through the Holy Spirit.
      It's a relief for those who are tired,
      It's a healer for the sick,
      It's a freedom for the bandits and prisoners,
      It's a treasure for the poor,
      It's a peace maker for the hot-tempered,
      It's a peace for the tense minds,
      It's a provider for those in need,
      It's an advisor for those who are unable to decide,
      It's wisdom for the fools,
      It's a teacher for the illiterate,
      It's the strength for the weak,
      It's a miracle for those who believe, and
      It's a new life for the dead.
      It gives NAYA JEEVAN (or NEW LIFE) to all,
because it has the powerful WORD of GOD, and is written and named
with the inspiration and revelations from GOD Himself. The book
includes few devotional hymns, Common prayers, Quotes from the Holy
book (The Bible), The prayer of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed
Virgin Mary and the Novena Prayer.
     You can come and buy it (Rs.5/- only) or order it
by mail/phone to our address at a meagre cost, even though it is
invaluable and the benefits you recieve by reading this life-giving
Word is incalculable and immeasurable.
696/Sec-22, N.I.T.
Ph: 0129-5231126
E-mail: ,
Naya Jeevan in Hindi (in
Acrobat PDF Format):
Jeevan (434KB)


     A song book including all the hymns
and canticles, composed (in Hindi ) with the inspiration
from GOD, made at Jeevan Dham. It contains hummable
tunes and sweet music which touches everyone's heart. The almighty God showers His Holy Spirit, His bountiful blessings, His
boundless love and true peace on those who sing these hymns from their heart.
     You can copy and save the hymns as image files (in *.jpg format) from the link below. Click on the links to open the respective pages and save them to your PC using the "Save Picture as..." option on right-clicking the image.
Download Hindi hymns from the hymn book:
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        You can buy/order the audio-cassettes (cost Rs.30/- only) or Audio CDs (Rs. 60/- only) of the three volumes released:
Jeevan Dham Ke Phool (Vol -I),
Jeevan Dham Ke Phool (Vol -II), and
Jeevan Dham Ke Phool (Vol -III)
to hear the devotional hymns (few selected from the hymn book) and enjoy!! Feel the love and eternal peace
of God and get filled by the Holy Spirit.
Order it by mail/phone.
     To hear the mp3 clippings of the hymns, click the links below corresponding to the hymn. You need to have Windows Media Player, Real Player or Winamp in order to play the hymns.
Jeevan Dham Ke Phool (Vol -I)
1. Pitane Bulaya Hamey
2. Paavan Aatma
3. Aaye Hain Hum
4. Hey Maa MAriyam
5. Karunamay Hey Yesu
6. Aatma Aatma
7. Paapini ko Tum
8. Aao Chalo Jeevan Dham    

Jeevan Dham Ke Phool (Vol -II)
1. Chaya ban kar
2. Aaja Dil mein
3. Hey Param Pita
4. Prabhu ki Stuti karo
5. Hey Parmeshwar mere sang
6. Divya Vachan
7. Apni chaya mein
8. Hey Jeevith Parmeshwar   

Jeevan Dham Ke Phool (Vol -III)
1. Yesu Par Vishvaas karo
2. Jo kuch bhi
3. Le lo Prabhu
4. Saari Srishti
5. Teri Aradhana
6. Paschatap karo
7. Acha Charvaha
8. Muktidaata ki

Download NEW Hindi hymns (in Acrobat PDF Format):
1. Jeevan Dham Ke Phool Vol.3 Hymns (All new)
2. New Holy Mass hymns of the Thanksgiving Mass
3. All Christmas Carols (in black & white)
4. Way of the Cross(all 14 stations in Hindi)   
Common Music for all these stations - crossway.mid
5. Christmas Message      -in Hindi
  -in English

* English (Download pdf files)
* Hindi
(Download all pages)

said,"I am the Light of
the World. Whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness." (St.John 8:12)
        This Newsletter, Divya-Jyoti, meaning 'Divine Light', has been an excellent source of spreading and making people understand the Gospel, the Word of God, and also in making all aware of the incredible miracles happening here in 'Jeevan Dham', the place God chose to show his power, love and mercy, how God has been working here and showering his graces to all who come, to all
who believe - they may be of any religion, caste, creed, they may be rich or poor, illiterate or literate, may belong to any city, town, state or country. Because the Lord says -
everyone who is thirsty -
here is water!
Come, you that have no money -
buy corn and eat!
Come! Buy wine and milk -
it will cost you nothing!
Why spend money on what does not satisfy?
Why spend your wages and still be hungry?
Listen to me and do what I say,
and you will enjoy the best food of all.
now, my people, and come to me;
Come to me, and you will have life!
I will make a lasting covenant with you and give you
the blessings I promised to David.
I made him a leader and commander of nations,
and through him I showed them my power.
Now you will summon foreign nations;
at one time they did not know you,
but now they will come running to join you!
I, the Lord your God, the Holy god of Israel,
will make all this happen;
I will give you honour and glory."
to the Lord and pray to him,
now that he is near.
Let the wicked leave their way of life and
change their way of thinking.
Let them turn to the Lord, our God;
He is merciful and quick to forgive.
"My thoughts," says the Lord, "are not like yours,
and my ways are different from yours.
As high as the heavens are above the earth,
so high are my ways and thoughts above yours." "
(Isaiah 55:1-9)
This way Divya - Jyoti has been a source of light for those in
darkness, for those who do not know the living, real God and
who are still living a sinful, gloomy, hectic life to survive here
on earth.But what if you gain all world,
and you lose your soul? You will then not be the inheritors of the
Kingdom of God.This is like a light, just like a lighthouse guiding
ships at night in the darkness, guiding and showing the right way
towards God so that we may leave our sinful life and may by our
Holy life get a seat in Heaven as a reward on the Judgement Day.

All who come here with their gloomy, saddened faces
return back happily, contented, praising God and thanking Him.
    The monthly newsletter, "Divya-Jyoti",
was first published in Malayalam, on December 1995. Six months later,
on August 15, 1996, the first hindi edition of "Divya Jyoti"
was published. Now, we have been publishing this for seven years
and we distribute it all for free. About four thousand copies are
printed of "Divya-Jyoti" each month and this is distributed
after the prayer service at Jeevan Dham. Earlier on some festive
occasions, that is, on August (Assumption of Virgin Mary) and December(Christmas),
we published it in malayalam as well.
      Now, by God's grace we released
the first English DIVYA JYOTI on 13 February, 2004 for all
those who don't read in hindi including all Christians all over
the world so that they may get to know about all the miracles &
being performed here by Almighty God . This is available in *.pdf
and html format for download.
(In Hindi- JPEG, PDF Format from 2006)
(In English- PDF & HTML formats)