Witnesses taken from 'Divya Jyoti'

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         Witnesses of the month of December 2001

We Praise you JESUS!
We Thank you JESUS!
I, Sunita, after having married for six years,
could not have any child with all our endeavors. Running
from one Doctor to another and having treatment and taking
all medicine did not give any favourable result. All attempts
to get a child had failed. With the utmost wish to get a
child, I even went to those who practiced
magic spells and witchcraft and spent freely over them without

hesitation. But this too was of no use. Since
I got disappointment from everywhere, I was very much upset
and distressed and then I had lost hope of ever having a child.
"Leave all your worries with Him, because He cares
for you." (1 Peter 5:7)
      One day I heard from someone
about the Healing Prayer Service being held at 'Jeevan Dham'
and the miracles happening there. After listening about Jeevan
Dham, I was a bit convinced and with little faith I began
to see a ray of hope there. I made up my mind to attend the
Prayer Service there the coming Sunday. And on Sunday during
the prayer when I saw so many incredible miracles happening
and people giving witnesses of the cures, my eyes were made
wide open and my faith in God became stronger. This brought
an optimistic attitude in me. Then and there my merciful God
heard my prayer. I became pregnant and now I am a mother of
a baby boy. I will be indebted to Almighty God for a gift
of a child for our childless family. I pray that as God has
listened to my prayers and answered me so quickly, may He
listen and answer to the prayers of all the believers coming
there in the same way so that their faith may sustain in One
True God, our Father in Heaven and our Creator.
"Even before they finish praying to me, I will answer
their prayers."(Isaiah 65:24)
Praise the Lord!
Chandra Pal Singh
Dabua Colony


I Praise you JESUS! I Thank you JESUS!
I, Rambir (Age 32 years), was suffering from mental illness
from the last four years. I could not understand easily anything.
I was like a dumb person with no interaction with the outside
world. Neither did I talk to anybody, nor was I capable of
doing anything on my own. My mental health had become worse.
weeks back, when my family came to know about the Prayer Service
in Jeevan Dham, they brought me here. Now, on the fourth Sunday
when I was sitting listening to God's word, the lady there
who was preaching, announced, on getting the message from
God, that a person, a government servant, who has come from
Delhi to attend the prayer here, is being cured at this moment
onwards by God. And that was me. From that moment onwards,
I was feeling comfortable and gradually I was miraculously
healed. By the mercy and grace of Jesus, now I am alright
physically and mentally and I am going regularly for work
without any inconvenience. For this favour, however may I
praise, it falls short in the eyes of merciful, loving God.

"He brought them out of their gloom and darkness and
broke their chains in pieces."
Praise the Lord!
Khanpur, New Delhi.


Praises to JESUS! Thanks to JESUS!
I, Ram Kunwar (Age 70 years), was suffering from leprosy from
the last three years. My hands and legs were swollen and were
filled with pus and due to this reason, nobody dared to come
close to me and they all were unsympathetic to me. I felt
dejected and my life became miserable. Along with the bodily
pain, I got mental depression as my companions.
Treatments from everywhere yielded nothing. After losing all
my hope of getting well, I came to know from somewhere about
the Healing Service held in 'Jeevan Dham'. To get rid of my
sickening, pitiful condition, with little hope left, I then
came here to attend the prayer on Sundays. And miraculously,
by the grace and mercy of Lord Jesus, within 3 weeks, I was
completely cured of my leprosy. When everybody had left me,
only Lord Jesus, Son of the Almighty Father in Heaven, listened
to my prayers and had mercy on me and took away all my pains,
all my sufferings, and my disease. I thank Him a million times.
give you thanks, O Lord and King; I praise you as my God and Saviour.
give you thanks, for you have helped me and protected me."
(Sirach 51:1-2)
the Lord!
Ram Kunwar
Sec-14, Fbd.


to JESUS! Thanks to JESUS!
5-year-old son, Raju, was unable to speak anything by birth.
I had him treated in several places but no treatment yielded
even a sign of hope, leave apart giving him the strength to
speak up anything. He just could talk in actions. Fortunately,
one day I heard about the prayer service of 'Jeevan Dham'.
I brought my Son there and asked pardon for our sins and I
prayed earnestly to God to have mercy on my child. And, He
indeed heard my prayers because he is our merciful heavenly
Father. Attending the prayer service four times here, my child
began to speak. This is the power of God, the true loving
God, with whose help my Son got a new life. I thank him again
and again for this incredible miracle that He performed on
my boy.
the Lord!
Shivdhani Shah,


to JESUS! Thanks to JESUS!
have a 9-year-old son who was unable to read clearly anything
written on the black-board. The ENT specialist declared on
checkup that his eyesight has become weak and he requires
wearing glasses for a normal vision. Since then he is using
glasses all the time at a little age of nine.
when we were listening to the Word of God sitting beneath
the last tent, my son intervened my attention in between the
sermon and gladly whispered to me that he could see clearly
and he was able to read 'Jeevan Dham' written behind the stage
without the help of his specs. Moreover, the sister on the
stage had announced that God is giving eyesight to some people.
Hence, this was my chance to give this witness of the favour
done for my son by the loving God and I ran towards the stage
with delight. Only through God's grace and through His powerful
Word did my son get back his normal eyesight. Thanks a lot,
my Father, my God.
the Lord!
Rajanish Tandon


to JESUS! Thanks to JESUS!
Singh, even after 8 years of his marriage, had no child.
To get one child, he had left no stone unturned and he went
to so many places, to witches, those who practice magic
and caste spells etc. But all this was of no use and they
left all their hope.
day, after listening from somebody about this healing prayer
service, they (Ram Singh and his wife) came to Jeevan Dham.
Since then they have been attending this prayer regularly
every Sunday. Now, almost a year has passed by. And through
God's grace, they got a son. Such a great gift from God
has brought such a huge relief and great happiness to their
family and their relatives that they cannot describe this
in meagre words. . Ram Singh believes that this child is
definitely a gift from God for him and he praises and thanks
Him for the bountiful blessings that God has showered on
his family.
    "He honours the childless wife
in her home; he makes her happy by giving her children."
                                    (Psalms 113:9)
Praise the Lord!
Ram Singh
Sanjay Colony,


to JESUS! Thanks to JESUS!
Reena was suffering from the skin disease called Leucoderma(in
Hindi known as 'Safed Daag'), in which her skin was turning
as white as snow, from the last 16 years. And it was becoming
more and more prominent with time. One day, somebody told
her about Jeevan Dham and the incredible miracles happening
there during the prayer service.
within four weeks, on attending the prayer for four Sundays,
my skin became normal as before and all the white spots
on my body vanished, they gained my body colour within this
time. This is the power of the Word of God.
husband was suffering from fever from the last one year
and no treatment or medicine could give him any relief of
any sort. At last, what his wife did was this - She dipped
in the locket of Lord Jesus, which she had brought from
Jeevan Dham, in a glass of water and then gave her husband
this water to drink. Incredibly, all his fever died down
and he was completely all right within minutes. What else,
she got the peace in her family, which they didn't have
for such a long time.
all these favours from God, and more, she gave her witness
on the stage without any hesitation and happily went back
home after the prayers were over.
                           Praise the Lord!


to JESUS! Thanks to JESUS!
name is Haryana and my 32-year-old son lives in Varanasi.
From the last one year, he had swollen, constricted lumps
all over the stomach, which gave a lot of pain to him.
On checkup, Doctor declared that these were cancerous
growths. On hearing this that he was suffering from cancer,
we were taken aback. Then we tried with each and every
hospital to look for his cure, but we were sent back from
everywhere. All said the same thing- He will not survive
for long. We did not leave any stone unturned, but all
our attempts were in vain.
I had been attending this prayer service held in 'Jeevan
Dham' back here in Faridabad regularly and when I got
the news that he could not be cured medically, I felt
strongly that only Jesus will cure him of his fatal disease.
Where medicine stops, there only prayers will do the job.
After spending all the money, what was left over was my
faith in God within me. I called my son from Varanasi
and brought him with me to Jeevan Dham to attend the healing
prayer. And to my amazement, only through God's grace
and through the power of His Word, my son was completely
cured after attending the prayer service for just 4 Sundays
and all the swellings and lumps over his stomach had vanished
without leaving any trace. God has made my faith in Him
love and strength stronger than ever now. My sorrow-stricken
heart now is filled with joy and peace.
Thanks to Him a thousand times.
Praise the Lord!
Bata Jhuggi, Fbd.


to JESUS! Thanks to JESUS!
Savita, have attended the prayer service here in 'Jeevan
Dham' several times with my mother. Even after two years
of my marriage, we could not have a child for our family.
So, I came here and through God's grace and power, I got
a baby. That was a great moment of joy when I thought that
I am now a mother of a beautiful child, a God's gift. But,
only after when she was 6 months old that we recognized
that she was not able to urinate properly. So, we took her
to a Doctor, who on checkup and examination declared that
she did not have the necessary organs for conceiving and
that there is no treatment for this anywhere. This bad news
sent a shiver down my spine. Neither could we tell this
to anybody nor could we be of any help to our child. I could
sense a dark future for my child.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Never rely
on what you think you know."(Proverbs 3:5)
last hope was on our loving, merciful Lord Jesus. When he
could raise the dead, then this is nothing in front of Him.
Only He could cure my baby and give her a new life ending
all our worries and fears. After attending the prayer twice,
we took her to a Doctor, a child specialist at a hospital
nearby Ashram, New Delhi, who on checkup said that she was
all right and she now lacks nothing as a girl. It was the
supreme God who completed and provided what was not there
in her. A million thanks to God!
lady on the stage in 'Jeevan Dham' announced about this
even before we could give our witness for the wonderful
miracle that God had performed amongst our poor family.
And I went running towards the stage to glorify God among
the present crowd gladly, because the Living God is with
us and he has heard our humble prayer.
 The scripture says,
"Whoever believes in him will not be disappointed."
This includes everyone, because there is no difference between
Jews and Gentiles. God is the same Lord of all and richly
blesses all who call to him. As the Scripture says, "Everyone
who calls out to the Lord for help will be saved."
10:11-13)                                   Praise
the Lord!


to JESUS! Thanks to JESUS!
the grace of Lord Jesus, we, who had never gone to school
and were unable to read and write anything, have started reading
the 'Word of God', letter by letter, and now word by word.
. This is definite that nobody other than the Holy Spirit
has taught us. Our thirst to learn, to read and know the 'God's
word' has been quenched now and we feel very happy and contented
after getting this precious, invaluable gift from God during
this age so many years after our marriage. We now daily read
'Naya Jeevan' and 'Bible' and pray that all those who are
illiterate like us who come here for the prayer service may
get the same gift from God and may come here on stage to give
their witnesses joyfully.
the Lord!


to JESUS! Thanks to JESUS! Allelluia!
wife, Neembu Devi, Age-35 years, was suffering from headache
from the last two     years. Due to this,
her eyesight was also getting weaker and weaker day by day.
Slowly and gradually, it happened that she became almost
blind. For these two years, I have taken her to several ENT
specialists and she has been undergoing treatment for this
since then, but all in vain. They told her to wear specs,
but she didn't. Nothing was of any help to her.
When we came to know about Jeevan Dham and the prayer service
held there, and the miracles happening there, we came to attend
the prayer for the first time on one Sunday morning. And miraculously,
on that day itself, she got rid of her sickening headache
and since then she has never complained of any headache. This
strengthened her faith in God and with firm belief she came
regularly to attend the prayer on every Sunday. She prayed
to God daily in awe and deep devotion.
I, Khem Chand, am working in Batra Hospital and because of
no weekly holiday for me, I used to leave my wife every Sunday
for the prayer service here at Sector-9, St. Anthony's School
ground, and then go for my work. Now, she has been coming
here for the last four months. On the night of November 4,
2001 on my way to the Hospital while going for my night -shift
duty driving my scooter, accidentally a pig came in front
of my scooter suddenly and I could not avoid hitting it. I
lost my consciousness for some time. And when I regained my
consciousness, I found myself being held by arms by three
persons who started my scooter and gave it to me. Straightaway,
I went for the hospital. I could not move my arms and legs
because of excessive pain even though I drove my scooter safely
to the hospital. After taking my X-Ray, the Doctor found that
my hand has been fractured at two places- one at the arm and
the other at the shoulder. He said that he would put a plaster
on my hand in the morning tomorrow.
I had sent a message about my condition and the accident to
my family and early morning my son came to me and said, "Papa,
mummy told me to inform you that you should not let the plaster
be applied to your hand. Just come back home. We will pray
to the merciful God, and he will cure you completely without
taking any medicine or treatment." Listening to these
words of my wife, I came back home without letting any plaster
on my hand or taking any medicine. My wife prayed before God
and asked for His mercy on her husband. She kept on praising
God while I was lying on my bed outside. All of a sudden I
saw that Lord Jesus came closer to me and gave me a brisk
push and asked me to stand up. Due to this push, I felt a
ghastly pain on my hands of such magnitude that I started
screaming. My wife on hearing me yelling came running to me
and I told her about this incident. As soon as I finished
talking, all my pain disappeared suddenly. After this, I felt
no pain anywhere in my hands or my legs.
the next morning I went for my checkup inquisitively and the
Doctor took the X-Ray of my hands again. And amazingly, the
same Doctor on looking at my X-Ray report exclaimed that the
fractures he had seen on my last X-Ray taken a day back were
nowhere present now and that I am completely alright. Without
any medicine or plaster, God by his power, out of his mercy
and love, joined my broken bones and cured me completely.
He made this heathenly creature a firm believer.
heals the broken-hearted and bandages their wounds."(Psalms
let us bow down and worship him; Let us kneel before the Lord,
our Maker!
   He is our God; we are the people he cares
for, the flock for which he provides." (Psalms95:6-7)

                               Praise the Lord!
Khem Chand,
Harkesh Colony, near Tilpat.


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